of Eris

Children Of Eris

Episode 1

My ex lover was very generous.
He truly enjoyed giving.

First, he gave me a broken noses,
then a hoodie to hide my face.

Next he gave me a black eye to match the Dior Shades he got me.
Then a Versace scarf for the scars on my neck.

A Rolex for my broken wrist.
A BMW for the STD.

I gratefully took everything…. Including his life.

Children Of Eris

Episode 2

My lover shows affection in the strangest ways.
Like trying to wash my trail off the beach.
His words; “I dont want anyone to find us.”
I wish he’d help drag the corpse instead.

Children Of Eris

Episode 3

I know a woman who confronted her husband’s side chick.

The girl watched as the wife raged
and fumed while the crowd egged her on.
Everything came to a standstill when the
side chick brought a video of a man fucking her husband.

“Ma’am, I am not your husband’s side chick, I am his shrink.”

Children Of Eris

Episode 4

My lover likes to tell stories.
After we make love,

we would lie naked as he recounts the histories
of ancient royal families.

His favourite were the ones who tried to
preserve their bloodlines by having incestous marriages.

I always encourage his stories.
After all, he is my only brother.

Traveller’s Bio

Skylar emmanuel

Skylar is a Nigerian film maker, poet and writer, she is the sole creator of the Childern of Eris Series. Skylar is currently pursing a career in drawings and animations. 


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